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8 days overdue

At our doctor’s appointment yesterday, we discussed waiting longer to see if the baby would come on his own and the doctor agreed, as long as we passed a Non Stress Test and Biophysical Profile. We agreed and scheduled the tests for the next day, today.

Both tests were very simple and completely external. For the Non Stress Test, they hooked up two monitors to my belly. One measured my contractions and one measured the baby’s heartbeat. They needed to make sure that the baby’s heart beat increased whenever it moved, sort of like ours does when we exercise. The baby slept for the first half of the test but started moving around later and they were able to see that the baby was perfectly fine. I also was able to tell that I had a big contraction and a medium contraction during those 25 minutes, both of which I didn’t even feel.  The Biophysical Profile was done with an ultrasound and they measured the amniotic fluid level, the muscle tone and the breathing movements.

We scored an 8 out of 8 for both of the tests so we are clear to wait another 3-4 days. If the baby doesn’t come by Saturday morning, we will be induced. So, I was due on 7/28 and our induction is scheduled for 8/9 if I don’t go into labor before that. We are happy with that decision and are glad that we bought some more time. So, now all I need is for the baby to decide he’s ready to come out!  There is the possibility that this baby will have the 08/08/08 birth date or he will share my birthday, which is 8/10.

I still feel well and am extremely happy that everything checked out okay.


3 days and counting

Today is my last day of work before I go on maternity leave. Yeah! My due date is on Monday , 7/28, and I’ve decided to go ahead and take off even if the baby doesn’t come for another week. Sitting all day at work really sucks and this way, I can focus my last few days of pregnancy on walking, stretching and relaxing. (and hopefully all of those include going to the pool!)  They baby still hasn’t dropped and I really doubt that I’ve dilated any more. The only thing that really has changed since my last 39 week appointment is that if I walk a lot, I have a lot of very mild contractions that go away when I lay down and my hips feel out of alignment. I’ve learned that there is a hormone released to loosen your joints so that the baby can fit through your pelvis so I’m pretty sure that is what’s going on. It feels like I need to pop my hip back into place when I walk but I can’t. I also had another colostrum leak the other night because I woke up with a spot on my shirt.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’ve been so tired lately so I can envision lots of naps. I still want to walk a lot so I will be doing that as well to try to get things moving. I’ll have an appointment on Monday and the last time we talked to the doctor, he said he’d let me go a week after my due date before wanted to do some tests to make sure everything looks and responds well. I’m really hoping this baby comes because I don’t want to be induced at all. The less intervention, the better my chances are of doing this naturally.

My husband is getting really excited and he’s having dreams of the baby arriving. I have had a few dreams but my last one was about me waiting and waiting and waiting. A couple of my friends have also had dreams about me having the baby but I keep waking up with no activity! What is it going to take?!