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All Aboard the Pregnant Rollercoaster!
February 14, 2008, 9:49 pm
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I was sitting in traffic the other day and passed by a lady sitting in her dead car. It must have recently died because traffic hadn’t started to back up behind her. I see this lady just sitting there, not really doing anything. She wasn’t on her cell phone calling anyone or getting out to look at her car/engine. I thought, “oh great, this will be good for traffic on a two lane road…”  Then, I saw a man walking by on the sidewalk start to come over to her. He must have told her to put her car in neutral because he then went to the back of her car to push. Then, two men in a moving truck directly behind her hopped out and ran to the back of her car to help push. The three of them were able to push her car to the side of the road and clear the road for traffic. The event was so inspiring to watch, I started crying. I would never have cried at something like that before being pregnant. So here I am wiping my tears and driving away.  It was bizarre. That was the first of many experiences I have had where I just start crying at all sorts of things. The local tragedy in our town has been tough to read about without crying even though I didn’t know any of the victims. My husband and I like to workout to The Biggest Loser and even that show made me tear up. The mere thought of giving birth to a baby makes me cry because, “it’s just so special and miraculous.”  What is going on?

I hope I snap out of this emotional phase quickly because I hate being a sally.


Maternal Storage
February 8, 2008, 8:45 pm
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Every day I get an email from this website and I thought I would share this last one that they sent for the “dad-to-be”. It is so ridiculous.  

Week 16: It’s not fat

Say it again: It’s not fat, it’s not fat, it’s not fat. FAT is a four-letter word right now, and she spends every minute of every day wondering if her body will ever return to its original shape. If you know what’s good for you, you will banish the word “fat” from your vocabulary starting now. If you absolutely need to reference your wife’s size, memorize this scientifically correct synonym: maternal storage tissue.
So, granted, all of the weight that a pregnant woman gains is not just fat. But, let’s be real, pregnant woman gain fat too. As long as you don’t gain too much and you loose it after the baby is born, you shouldn’t have to worry about your husband commenting on your maternal storage issue. I’m almost 16 weeks along and I’ve gained 5 pounds. I’m okay with that and yes, most of it is fat. Have you seen my boobs?!

The miracle of elastic pants
January 25, 2008, 10:44 pm
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I am currently in the dreadful point of pregnancy that my friend Sarah refers to as the “I look like a big ball fat!” stage. My pants won’t button and if I force them to, I feel pain in addition to discomfort. I guess my uterus isn’t keen on having to battle for space in my body.  I also am not “showing” or don’t have a cute little bowling ball of a stomach. It’s just thicker. So I’m left with walking around feeling extremely fat and bloated.  Some of my friends have suggested wearing your old pants with the button undone or rubberbanded together with a BellaBand holding it all up. I tried this and it just didn’t feel right. I was always worried my pants would come off, my underwear would be showing or my button would stick out and look like my belly button was a huge protruding third nipple.  So, today, I bit the bullet and shopped for some maternity pants. Let me tell you, it was a glorious day at the Gap Maternity.

 I have the type of body where my legs and butt are small and my waist leaves much to be desired. I don’t have the tiny waste and little arms like some of my friends.  When I buy pants, my legs are a size smaller than my waist. So, naturally when I discovered jeans that had an elastic waist, I was in heaven. I was even able to get a size smaller pant than I normally do because it’s all about my legs fitting and the waste has room to grow. I don’t think I realized that maternity clothes were pull on and didn’t have any sort of zipper, clasp or botton. It is almost as cool as velcro shoes.  So, I walked out of the store with two jeans and a pair of nice black pants that I look great in. I’m even contemplating keeping these suckers around even after I have the baby and return to my original weight! I love them. I would have bought the whole store but I do remember my friend telling me not to completely replace my wardrobe at once because as my body grows, different types of clothes will fit differently and be more or less comfortable.  It’s days like these that make the big ball of fat inside of me feel like my old regular self.