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We’re Pregnant!
November 28, 2007, 6:47 pm
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I wasn’t expecting anything this month since my temperature didn’t rise when it was supposed to indicating my ovulation and my fertility. My husband and I still had sex on the days that we should have if everything in the cycle was normal. My chart of told me not to expect my period for another week and they usually tell you not to test until you’ve missed your period. So here I was, Thanksgiving weekend, one week before my expected period, with a severe cold. I needed to take something for my symptoms but I was nervous to take any medications just in case I was pregnant. I decided to take a pregnancy test since I had one left over from last month. I quickly peed on the stick and waited. It was positive! I was shocked. My husband was in the bedroom waiting and I looked at him with a big grin. How exciting and so unexpected! We ran to Walgreens to get some “safe medication” after talking to the doctor and I bought another pregnancy test just to be sure. It was positive again. Since our siblings were all in town for Thanksgiving, we ended up telling everyone the next day but swore them to secrecy until we went to the doctor. We’ll have our first appointment at the 8 week mark and are cautiously waiting until then!