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1 month to go!
June 27, 2008, 4:17 pm
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My due date is now one month from tomorrow. I’m still ready but will be REALLY ready after next weekend. We’ve got one more house project to finish and I should be in a good position to leave my job for 12 weeks at the end of next week. I feel like half of the brand new mothers I hear about were 3 weeks early and the others were a few days late. Physically, I don’t think I’m ready. The baby hasn’t dropped and there was no activity in my cervix when the doctor last checked. But, I’ve been pregnant for 8 months so what’s another month? I am not to the point yet where I’m miserable and “just want this baby out of me!” In fact, I feel pretty darn good. (knocking on wood right now)  I don’t have any heartburn and my joints aren’t swollen, which usually is pretty typical around this point of my pregnancy. I still take things day by day though, so you never know what tomorrow will bring.


More Belly Shots!

Here are the latest belly shots from month 4 to month 8. After viewing these, I am totally scared for what 9 months will be! Why haven’t I tipped over yet?! Looking back, I should have probably taken a picture before I was even pregnant to really show how much I have changed! I guess I’ll have to wait for the next pregnancy…

The Nursery

Well, the baby’s room is finally finished. We kept the color that was already on the walls since we just painted them last year and didn’t mind them so much. After the furniture was assembled and set into the right spot, we started looking at images that we liked. We knew that we didn’t just want to pick cool designs and paint them on the wall. We really wanted them to have some meaning behind them. We ended up choosing the following silhouettes because we wanted to evoke a sense of family, nature, exploration and fun.  We know we will change or add more designs later when our son grows up but thought that this was a good start. We also painted some speech bubbles that are filled in with chalkboard paint that anyone can be creative with. (I suspect my husband and I will have more fun with this than our kid!) I was unable to snap a good picture of them but I will try later.

Nursery Progress
June 19, 2008, 7:52 pm
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I had my first baby shower and it was lovely. I came straight home and moved all of the new gifts into the nursery. I was able to fill our bookshelf completely! My mother-in-law gave us our glider, which was the last piece of furniture needed for the nursery so we are now complete. Mr. G and I drew our silhouette outlines on the walls and I started painting them last night. I think they look pretty amazing. I have filled in the outlines with white paint but we are going to add some colors to them to brighten up the designs. I will post pictures as soon as I finish, which I’m hoping will be this Sunday night.  

My last OB appointment went well and my iron levels are back up to normal so my supplement has been working. I am no longer slightly anemic. My fundal height remains to be normal and the baby is still in the head down position. He is, however, facing “sunny side up” which only means that if he stays that way, I will probably have more back pain with my labor. I’m going to do some exercises to try and turn the little guy so we’ll see if he stays put at our next appointment.

I did some research and called all of the main delivery hospitals in the area to ask them their c-section rate. I was of course at the mercy of the people I talked to and their honesty, but found out that the hospital I chose, had the lowest rate. The national average is 35-36% which is just crazy (I think) and our hospital is 31%. Still not great but better than the other hospitals in the area that averaged 40%.  I need to check again but I believe our doctor has a 20% c-section rate for his clients (if I remember correctly from our first meeting) and I am happy with that number. Ultimately, I think it’s your doctor’s rate that matters more than the hospital you will be delivering at but either way, I’m happy with our decision.

Stay tuned for 7month and 8 month belly shots in a few days!

Fundal height finally measuring what it should
June 4, 2008, 5:57 pm
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My last OB appointment went well. I only gained 2 pounds over the last month and my fundal height measured in at 32 weeks and I am 32 weeks along. So, the baby was probably sitting high in my midsection before when it was measuring 2 weeks bigger, but now has nestled his little head into my pelvis, where he should be. So I lost hope that the baby would have a reason to be 2 weeks early but I also lost the nightmare that the baby would be a 10 pounder. By touch, the doctor was 90% sure that the baby was head down. Based on the movement I feel, I’m 99% sure he is head down because I feel movement up high by my ribs which would be his feet, movement low and to either side by my belly which should be his arms and hands and then I feel slight, subtle movements right around my bladder which should be him turning his head. I think it is amazing that some people out there claim to never know that they are pregnant until they give birth. I feel my baby move ALL the time and can even make a determination on how he is situated based on the movements and there are women out there who think they just had “bad gas?” Come on!

Delivery Hospital…check!

Ok, so after talking to the doctor, we have decided to go with the original hospital we toured. His office is located on the same campus, which will be nice if we are ready to deliver the baby Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm, because he can just hop on over. If we don’t deliver during those times, oh well, he’lI still be there when he needs to be. I think it also gives us a better chance to get a labor tub. We’ve had a lot of discussions with our doctor about our childbirth wishes and he is on board with all of them. I’m really glad we switched doctors and both my husband and I feel really good about him. Now that that’s decided…I can stop worrying about it. We have met with an attorney and have our living will and power of attorney drafted up so we just need to meet with him and sign on the dotted line. I love checking things off of my “the baby is coming To-Do List.”  We just need to finish the wall designs and decorations for the baby’s room and I’ll be happy.  The goal is to have everything completed a month before my due date so I can just rest that last month so I’m ready for labor. The neonatologist who works in my office told me that so many times, she has seen women who wait until the last minute to do everything…put the nursery together, buy clothes and gear for the baby, and by the time they go into delivery, they are too exhausted to properly give birth. Since, I’m planning on doing it naturally, I want my body to be rested and prepared for 12-18 hours of labor. It’s been about 5 years since I worked out for that long when I had 4 practices a day for College Field Hockey. But even then, we had a good 1-2 hour break in between the sessions!

On another note, in our last Bradley class, our instructor informed us that the last handful of hospital births she has either attended or received a call about have all been really positive, natural experiences. Perhaps the local hospitals and/or nurses are jumping on the natural train finally?