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Pregnancy Update
February 29, 2008, 10:43 pm
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It’s been a pretty quiet week so I’d thought I’d write an update on all of my symptoms. The bloody boogers are gone, I’m sleeping through the night, my appetite is pretty normal, my bacne is still there but not as bad, I have occasional headaches and my hair is fabulous! I’ve heard that pregnant woman have the best hair from all of the hormones but I personally think mine looks so good because my doctor gave me the okay to highlight my hair!  No more dull and boring natural color; I am a beautiful blonde again.  I also discovered some awesome hair product so that is helping too.  I don’t have any heartburn yet and I’ve found a way to still sleep on my stomach (mostly) which makes me happy. I have to bring one leg up to my shoulder which makes my midsection rotate just enough to not put pressure on my belly. It’s sort of complicated but it’s working for the moment. I also don’t really have any constipation problems but then again, my prenatal vitamin has something in it to help with that. (thank god for prescription prenatals!) We have a big week coming up: our appointment to find out the gender is next Wednesday and we leave for a long weekend in Arizona the next night! My husband and I wanted to go on one last trip together before the two of us turns into the three of us. I can’t wait to get out of the dreary winter weather and play some golf in 80 degree weather. I have to go buy some spring maternity clothes first, but a lot of my empire waste dresses still work and look good so I won’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe…yet.  Everyone asks me if I have any “feelings for what the sex of the baby is,” and I really don’t. I think it would be nice to have a boy but all of the “old wives tales” point to a girl. The chinese lunar calendar points to a girl and this little quiz pointed to a boy.  Who knows! 

 My belly is starting to grow some more and I think it’s the biggest at night when I’m laying in bed. The other night I noticed that my belly button has shallowed out. What used to be the deep end is now the kiddy pool. Fitting, huh?  I think this means my belly button will pop out at some point if it’s already lost half of it’s depth and I’m just barely halfway through the pregnancy. I’ve read that I should be feeling the baby move now and I think I have, but I’m not sure. I feel activity down there but can’t say for sure if I’m imagining things or I can really feel baby kicks. Hopefully I will know soon! 


When can we start the nursery?!
February 22, 2008, 9:59 pm
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I love planning. I love researching. I love interior decorating. I am totally psyched to head up the “nursery project.”  There are only two set backs… Money and Gender. We don’t know the gender yet so I’m at a stand point in figuring out the design scheme. I have been searching the internet for all sorts of ideas and I’m ready to start, but I can’t. The good news is that we have our appointment to find out the gender in 13 days. The bad news, our budget won’t allow to me get all the neat stuff I have come across. This siteis just torture to look at because I can’t afford anything! I am absolutely in love with this stroller: It goes for $750 after you add the adorable bassinet.


This site is really cool too. My husband is going to commission some of his art students to do some work in the nursery and I’m excited to do some pieces myself. The baby’s room is going to be cooler than ours for sure. But how fun!

 On another note, my belly is finally starting to protrude. My fupa is getting harder and my stomach is sticking out further. It’s really exciting to finally have some physical signs of a growing baby. I’ve also become uber sensitive to my stomach and find myself flinching when my husband goes to put his hands on my belly. I guess my motherly instincts are kicking in! Since my stomach is starting to get bigger, it might be time to start the belly shots. Today is the 4 month calendar mark or 17.5 weeks in pregnancy lingo.  I think it’s crazy that you don’t start showing showing until practically the halfway point. Most of the time when you think of pregnant people, you picture this big belly in your head. But in actuality, you only show for half of the time. Crazy.

All Aboard the Pregnant Rollercoaster!
February 14, 2008, 9:49 pm
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I was sitting in traffic the other day and passed by a lady sitting in her dead car. It must have recently died because traffic hadn’t started to back up behind her. I see this lady just sitting there, not really doing anything. She wasn’t on her cell phone calling anyone or getting out to look at her car/engine. I thought, “oh great, this will be good for traffic on a two lane road…”  Then, I saw a man walking by on the sidewalk start to come over to her. He must have told her to put her car in neutral because he then went to the back of her car to push. Then, two men in a moving truck directly behind her hopped out and ran to the back of her car to help push. The three of them were able to push her car to the side of the road and clear the road for traffic. The event was so inspiring to watch, I started crying. I would never have cried at something like that before being pregnant. So here I am wiping my tears and driving away.  It was bizarre. That was the first of many experiences I have had where I just start crying at all sorts of things. The local tragedy in our town has been tough to read about without crying even though I didn’t know any of the victims. My husband and I like to workout to The Biggest Loser and even that show made me tear up. The mere thought of giving birth to a baby makes me cry because, “it’s just so special and miraculous.”  What is going on?

I hope I snap out of this emotional phase quickly because I hate being a sally.

Maternal Storage
February 8, 2008, 8:45 pm
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Every day I get an email from this website and I thought I would share this last one that they sent for the “dad-to-be”. It is so ridiculous.  

Week 16: It’s not fat

Say it again: It’s not fat, it’s not fat, it’s not fat. FAT is a four-letter word right now, and she spends every minute of every day wondering if her body will ever return to its original shape. If you know what’s good for you, you will banish the word “fat” from your vocabulary starting now. If you absolutely need to reference your wife’s size, memorize this scientifically correct synonym: maternal storage tissue.
So, granted, all of the weight that a pregnant woman gains is not just fat. But, let’s be real, pregnant woman gain fat too. As long as you don’t gain too much and you loose it after the baby is born, you shouldn’t have to worry about your husband commenting on your maternal storage issue. I’m almost 16 weeks along and I’ve gained 5 pounds. I’m okay with that and yes, most of it is fat. Have you seen my boobs?!