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The miracle of elastic pants
January 25, 2008, 10:44 pm
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I am currently in the dreadful point of pregnancy that my friend Sarah refers to as the “I look like a big ball fat!” stage. My pants won’t button and if I force them to, I feel pain in addition to discomfort. I guess my uterus isn’t keen on having to battle for space in my body.  I also am not “showing” or don’t have a cute little bowling ball of a stomach. It’s just thicker. So I’m left with walking around feeling extremely fat and bloated.  Some of my friends have suggested wearing your old pants with the button undone or rubberbanded together with a BellaBand holding it all up. I tried this and it just didn’t feel right. I was always worried my pants would come off, my underwear would be showing or my button would stick out and look like my belly button was a huge protruding third nipple.  So, today, I bit the bullet and shopped for some maternity pants. Let me tell you, it was a glorious day at the Gap Maternity.

 I have the type of body where my legs and butt are small and my waist leaves much to be desired. I don’t have the tiny waste and little arms like some of my friends.  When I buy pants, my legs are a size smaller than my waist. So, naturally when I discovered jeans that had an elastic waist, I was in heaven. I was even able to get a size smaller pant than I normally do because it’s all about my legs fitting and the waste has room to grow. I don’t think I realized that maternity clothes were pull on and didn’t have any sort of zipper, clasp or botton. It is almost as cool as velcro shoes.  So, I walked out of the store with two jeans and a pair of nice black pants that I look great in. I’m even contemplating keeping these suckers around even after I have the baby and return to my original weight! I love them. I would have bought the whole store but I do remember my friend telling me not to completely replace my wardrobe at once because as my body grows, different types of clothes will fit differently and be more or less comfortable.  It’s days like these that make the big ball of fat inside of me feel like my old regular self.


Doctor? Check.
January 21, 2008, 2:39 pm
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We weren’t totally crazy about my OB-GYN so we asked around and met a new one last week. We loved him and now have a new doctor. He was recommended by some friends as well as the neonatologist that works in my office so we’re excited he worked out so well. We got to have another ultra sound done and this time my husband was there to watch. It was awesome. The little baby had joints this time and you could see his arm bending and moving as well as his legs kicking. (I’m calling it a he even though I don’t know the gender yet because it’s just easier) We saw the little guy hit himself in the head almost like someone would do as they said “Doh!” It was cute. I could watch those ultrasounds all day. They just make it so much more real and amazing. I also got all of my blood-work done and are awaiting those results.

I still feel pretty good and have a few minor side effects. I have huge bloody boogers every morning, which is weird. I guess since I have like 40% more blood running through my body, there’s more blood running through my little capillaries. My gums also bleed a tiny bit every time I brush my teeth. I don’t sleep that well through the night anymore and have been waking up in the middle of night. I usually can’t go back to sleep for like 1-2 hours so it’s been aggravating. I’m not quite sure what this is all about but hopefully it will go away. I don’t wake up to pee in the middle of the night anymore and I don’t have to urinate as much as I did before. That means the uterus is moving up and out of my pelvic region and giving my bladder back it’s space. Yeah for bladder space…but bye bye belly and pants that fit.

Tomorrow I enter into my 4th month!

Decisions ’08
January 10, 2008, 7:52 pm
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Physically, my pregnancy is pretty uneventful. I still have zits on my back and I’m peeing 4-5 times throughout the night but I feel great, my pants still fit and I can still sleep on my stomach.  At this juncture, however, I’ve started thinking about all of the decisions my husband and I will have to make. Let me just say that if you are one of those people that have a hard time making decisions, then pregnancy will be difficult for you.  The first set of decisions was about food. There are so many different opinions out there on what to consume and what not to consume that the final decision is up to you. I have decided to limit my intake of fake sugars, most chemicals and caffeine to about once a week. I would like to omit those things completely but I know once the baby is born, it will be exposed to them and I’d like it to “build up an immunity” to it, if you will.  There is no point in only eating natural foods while you are pregnant if you aren’t going to demand that same type of diet for you kid’s entire life.

The second decision I am trying to make is on the location and design of the baby’s room. Do we move the office or the guest bedroom into the basement? Do we want the smaller or the larger room for the baby? Do we want it’s bed far away from the noise of the house or close to it? My husband and I have yet to iron out this decision but are focusing on it. I haven’t even begun to think about furniture, wall color or theme yet!

 Thirdly, there’s the whole name decision. (Kind of a huge deal)  We have started the process by reading through baby name books and writing down potentials on a list. Unfortunately, the list keeps growing. I have a feeling we won’t know the winner until a week before the baby arrives.

Fourthly, we are in the process of choosing an OB for the big event. My current OB-GYN isn’t supportive enough of our wishes to give birth naturally, sans pain medication. When I mentioned taking some Bradley classes, he responded with, “If you do the Bradley method, then you can find another doctor.” So, before we even decided that we would do the Bradley classes, we started looking for a new doctor. There’s no point in having a doctor who practices in a) absolutes and b) without the patient’s wishes in mind.  We meet a potential new doctor next week so hopefully that goes well.

 With all of these decisions that keep lining up, I’m glad that we have 9 months to make them!

Fear not, party on.
January 3, 2008, 10:34 pm
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I’ve heard that paranoia can set in when you are pregnant. I thought I was doing pretty well  until I woke up one day and felt like a million bucks.  I’ve been fatigued and mildly nausious on an empty stomach and have been living and sleeping in a sports bra so as not to move my boobs because they have been so tender.  Then, just before the 11 week mark, I woke up feeling great and all of my symptoms had vanished. At first, I thought, sweet! I worked out that day for 40 minutes and was loving life.  Then, the paranoia set in. Symptoms usually go away in the second tri-mester and mine went away almost 2 weeks early. Was something wrong?  I consulted the internet and someone had asked the very same question I was wondering: Is everything ok or should I be worried?  The answers were a mix of possible good fortune and possible miscarriage.  I immediately called the doctor and he told me to have an ultrasound done to confirm.  I was trying not to worry at this point but that was impossible. I had the ultrasound done (for the first time) and everything looked good. Phew! The heartbeat was strong and I could see the little baby moving around!  It was surreal to say the least because at this point in the pregnancy, you can’t feel any movement or even feel or see your enlarged uterus so there are basically no signs of your pregnancy besides the before mentioned symptoms.  Seeing the little prune-sized booger made it all seem real.  It was awesome.  The baby was still for the first part of the screening but towards the end was moving around all over the place. As the technitian put it, “That little stinker is just having fun now!”  (Let’s hope s/he gets his mother’s dance moves!) 🙂