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My Neck’s Break Out Performance
December 26, 2007, 2:34 pm
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As much as hormones are amazing, they also suck! Thanks to them, I have conditions of a new phenomenon called “neck-ne.”  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have zits on my neck…and all over my back and on my cheek and chest. I had heard that if you had bad acne growing up, it would come back.  I never had acne, per se, but I did have one huge zit on my nose every now and then. I suppose I should be thankful that I don’t have the huge honkers this time around and that all my zits are hidden behind clothes or my hair, but it still grosses me out. I’m going to have to get one of those back scrubbers for the shower because soap and water seems to help but working out and sweating, clearly does not. I tried on a dress the other day and while my cleavage looked fantastic, the big zit on my boob where my sport bra hits, did not. 


"I’ll take More Energy for 500"
December 14, 2007, 8:43 pm
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Pre-pregnancy, I heard and read about morning sickness. It seems to be everyone’s favorite topic and is often played again and again in movies that have pregnant characters. It is usually the most apparent in the first trimester so I have been prepared for it. The one thing that I wasn’t prepared for though was the energy zap. No one told me my energy would be stolen!

I’m not a super energetic person but I would say that sitting around watching TV all day has never been my cup of tea. There are so many other things one can accomplish in that time! But, times have changed. It all started when I slept in on a Saturday until 9:30am (highly unlikely of me). I woke up and saw the time and thought to myself, “what the–?” I have been dragging ever since. Every weekday at lunch, I scour my brain for a place to go sleep for an hour and every weeknight I come home and sneer at all of the housework that should be done. I have turned into one lazy lady. Forget working out in the morning—the mere thought of running makes me tired. They should think about selling pop-up inflatable pillows or couches for that matter!

I must say that I really don’t like this side effect and have had a hard time accepting it. I hate feeling lethargic and lazy. I think if I had known about this effect, I wouldn’t have paired up the end of my 2nd month of pregnancy with my graduate school finals. That was silly.

O’Fools Amber
December 10, 2007, 1:08 am
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I am a drinker, well, was a drinker. I usually had a few drinks and sometimes more at social gatherings and maybe a drink or two on a random weeknight. My friends know this and were the first to suspect something when I passed on a drink a few months ago because we were trying. After I told them I was trying to get pregnant, they wouldn’t leave me alone. Every week that passed, they watched me like a hawk to see if I was drinking. I already told them to stop asking me and that I would tell them of my pregnancy in my own time, after I got passed the first trimester (because the rate of miscarriage declines significantly after that). Unfortunately, they were still playing detective. Because I am now pregnant, but only 7 weeks along, I have to trick them into thinking I am not pregnant so they leave me alone. I have devised a few tricks that I thought I would pass on, in case any of you have detective friends/family members like mine.

1. Invite friends over to your house and have a glass of wine poured already. Pour apple juice in a wine glass and add a little club soda to it. It looks just like white wine and works like a charm. I usually just milk that and then go to water claiming “I need to wake up early.” If you are in a position where you can pour yourself another concoction without them seeing, then go for it.
2. BYOB to a friend’s house. Buy non-alcoholic wine (“Fre” chardonay tastes pretty good) and pour it into a en empty regular wine bottle. I often bring an opened bottle of wine to a party if I am the only one drinking it so no one ever thinks anything of it. I usually put the bottle in the refrigerator instead of next to everyone else’s alcohol so to keep it to myself. If someone else does pour themselves a glass of it, it tastes like wine so I don’t think they would even notice. This one works like a charm. You may also bring a regular bottle of wine to contribute to the party as well.
3. Going to the bar with friends. Try to pick a bar where you know they serve N/A beer. If you are sittting around a table, avoid ordering from the waitress. Tell her that you are not ready to order yet or that you can’t decide. Once she leaves, get up to go the bathroom and tell you husband to get you a beer. My husband then goes over to the waitress and puts in an order for a N/A beer and then tells her to please be discreet about it. It looks like he’s going up to her, away from table, to add something to the order rather then to order from her in private. Just be sure to get the bill or hope that the receipt doesn’t specify the N/A beer as a line item. If you go to a bar where you aren’t getting table service, then you can just order and pay for your beer on your own and it works even better.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t get away with just saying “No thanks, I’m sick tonight,” or “None for me, I have a headache,” because my friends know better. It stinks that I had to develop these dishonest ways of hiding my secret, but they have come in handy for the time being since I don’t want anyone but my family to know. Hopefully your friends won’t cause you as much grief for skipping a drink!

Pluck that!
December 5, 2007, 1:56 am
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I’m addicted to plucking my hairs. Call me crazy but I just enjoy it. The other morning I was tweezing my eyebrows and something was different. Oh, I know, it hurt like hell! It’s like my hair started fighting back. I was totally confused because I have never heard of any pregnancy symptoms involving your hair. But alas, my friendly daily pregnancy email reported on it that day. Apparently, the increased estrogen in your body causes your hair to grow thick and fast for some women, and for others, hair goes limp and falls out. I guess my follicles are thicker, making my plucking sessions more and more painful. Let’s just all hope I don’t start growing hair in weird places! (Don’t worry, if they do, I will blog about it)

Flem de menthe
December 5, 2007, 1:37 am
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I’m in my 7th week and for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing. In fact, I can’t really tell that I’m pregnant most of the time. I’m not showing nor do I have any sort of bump around my stomach, which should be the case the anyway since the baby is only the size of a blueberry. I have experienced some very mild cramping and some fatigue but I can still work out in the morning, work all day and then go to a 3 hour class without falling asleep so I’d say I’m doing pretty well. On the upside, I can sleep in now and on the downside, food just doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Everything is bland and I can’t say that my mouth has watered for anything lately. I will just have to take a rain check on being a Foodie for now.

Today, however, I think I experienced my first strong symptom. I bought a bag of lifesaver mints to have in my office just for those times you want something sweet after your lunch. The bag of individually wrapped mints was in my file drawer and the smell of them was really strong and distracting. So, I got a ziplock to put them in thinking it would block the smell but that didn’t work. The smell of them made my stomach turn so I had to throw the whole bag away in a trashcan far from my office. I thought the whole episode was pretty weird but I was totally psyched for my super human mommy powers. Unfortunately, I think I’m done with any and all mint for the time being.